Club GMP  -Good Music Partyが新シリーズをスタート-

Good Music Partyは、Club GMPと題して人数限定の招待制プライベートパーティーを撮影し、作品にするシリーズをスタートします。出演者には猿島のパーティー同様に世界のトップアクトを招き、撮影場所は厳選し、限られた方のみをご招待します。撮影をしたパーティーの様子は後日Youtubeを含めたメディアにアップします。交通費は実費になりますが、参加料は無料です。


記念すべき第1回目はハウス・ニューディスコシーンの最高峰レーベル「Running Back」のオーナーにして、ドイツフランクフルトの名門Robert JohnsonにてレギュラーパーティーLiquidのオーガナイズとレジデントを務めるGerd Jansonを招きます。




表題:「11/4 Club GMP参加希望」









DJ:Gerd Janson and more





We will start a new project called Club GMP which shoot our private party in a secret venue. We will post it on web media including YouTube and SNS etc .


We will have a very first session with Gerd Janson who is known as the owner of Running back and organizer and resident of legendary night club in Frankfurt, Robert Johnson.


You need to cover the cost of transport to the venue. We don’t charge an entrance fee.


If you want to join it, please send me your request to the following email. We will reply to you if you win a lottery.


Title:11/4 Club GMP

Please write a name of person who want to join and their contact number.


Date: Nov 4th (National Holiday)

Time: About 18:00-21:00

Venue: Secret (About 1.5 hrs from Tokyo)

Entrance fee: Fee (You need to cover your transport fee to the venue by yourself)

DJ: Gerd Janson and more


/ We might ask you to wait for a while during a time we set up for a shooting.

/ We might ask you to leave from the venue, when we judge you are not suitable for the shooting, for example, if you are very drunk.

/ We might sound lowest level of volume when the venue does not allow us to make it more than it.

Gerd Janson (Running Back)

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